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Google Listings - 3 Main Different types

When you do a Google search for a local company, you will often see three main types of listings:

- Google Ads at the very top of the page

- 3 Companies listed underneath a map - These are called the Google My Business Listings

- A further number of listings in the middle of the page - These are called the Google Organic listings

Google Ads are run through a Google Ads Account. When a client clicks on your Google Ad, they visit your website, and you pay Google a fee for each visit. This is why Google Ads are often referred to as "Pay Per Click".

Google My Business (Google Maps) are free listings, and you sign up your company using your local business address. Google sends you a code that you enter in order to validate your Google My Business listings, and there is then an optimisation process for these to try to appear as high as possible versus other local companies.

Google Organic Listings are also free listings, and there is a process called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to work on your website in order to improve your rankings in Google's listings.

At Invernetwork, we have expertise in all three of these types of listings, and we have helped many clients in our 13 years of service achieve very high rankings on the first page of Google, generating profitable new clients and business through Google.

Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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